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Rita Riots / Rita Dreaming / Rita Requiem – 50 anniversary of the Sgt Peppers album release

inspired by Lovely Rita – a procession, a sound installation & a requiem.
By Meow Meow, & her Sleepless Beauties  (Jherek Brischoff, Jethro Woodward & Andrea Lauer)
featuring the Liverpool parking attendants & Flixton Brass Band.
Original songs, guitars, vocals, sound installation & performance

Created by Meow Meow in collaboration with composers Jherek Bischoff and August Von Trapp, musical direction Jherek Bischoff & design by Andrea Lauer

Meow Meow – Souvenir

By Meow Meow, & her Sleepless Beauties  (Jherek Brischoff, Jethro Woodward & Andrea Lauer)
Brighton Festival (UK), Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Hobart Festival of Voices
Guitars, vocals, sound design & performance


Meow Meow’s Little Mermaid

Created & Performed By Meow Meow
Edinburgh International Festival, Brisbane Festival Sydney Festival, Perth Festival, Aukland Festival 2016, & Malthouse Theatre
Musical Director / Arranger / Sound Designer
Guitar / Synth / voice / omnichord



By Windmill Theatre & State Theatre Co.
11 – 30 October
Composer / Musical Director


Permission to Speak

Chamber Opera
Dec 2016
Director Tamara Saulwick and Composer Kate Neal
Sound Design

Captives Of The City

By Chamber Made Opera.
Feb 11 – Feb 14  @ Victorian Arts Centre
Sound Designer / Musical Director


Another Lament

Ida Dueland  / Chamber Made / Rawcus
Performance @ Malthouse Theatre

Another Lament CD 


By Windmill Theatre & State Theatre Co.
March 13 – March 22  @ The New Victory Theatre NYC
Composer / Musical Director


The Wizard Of Oz

By Windmill Theatre
Adelaide Festival centre & Sydney Theatre
Musical Director / Arranger / Sound design


The Rooster Project

Creative Development
Angus Cerini & Kelly Ryall




ChamberMade Opera
Composed by Juliana Hodkinson (Germany)
Soprano: Deborah Kayser (Australia)
Sound design by Jethro Woodward




Bass Guitar / Mandolin / Backing Vocals 2007 – current


Nick Batterham

Guitar / Mandolin / Backing Vocals
2010 – Current


Strip For Cash

Bass Guitar / Mandolin / Backing Vocals
2001 – 2007


Astra Choir

2002 – 2003



Guitar / Vocals
1999 – 2004

Byrne Band

Bass Guitar / Mandolin
1999 – 2000



Bass Guitar / Mandolin / Guitar / Vocals
1996 – 1999


Album Credits:

2016 Meow Meow’s Little Mermaid: producer, musical directer, arranger.
2013 Closing Time at Yah Yah’s by Nick Batterham: bass, guitars, backing vocals.
2013 Another Lament by Ida Dueland & Jethro Woodward:  composer, producer, recording & mix engineer
2013 Die winterise by Ida Dueland: producer, recording & mix engineer
2010 Always Coming Down by Cordrazine: Bass & Vox